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Fishing is one of the most famous games in the market that anyone passionate about gambling should try at least once. To have a more accurate view of this game, please read the article below from 5jili.

An Overview of Fishing Game for Newcomers

Fishing or shooting fish is a type of entertainment game found in entertainment centers, supermarkets, amusement parks, casinos… This game is designed with diverse and vivid images that attract a lot of attention from players. Basically, shooting fish is a simulation game that allows participants to use basic shooting buttons to control a cannon to defeat the fish appearing on the screen.

In the game, there are many types of fish with different shapes and sizes, each fish will have a certain number of points. Players can invite their friends to join in hunting fish together and receive valuable rewards.

An Overview of Fishing Game for Newcomers
An Overview of Fishing Game for Newcomers

History of Fishing Game

Shooting fish is a game that has been around for a long time in the market and has been well received by a large number of players. The simple gameplay and attraction to players of all ages in many countries around the world can be easily seen with images of children and adults gathered around the fishing table experiencing the fun and entertainment that this game brings.

Fishing began to enter Vietnam about a decade ago and quickly created a huge attraction, especially among young people. The first shooting fish machines imported into Vietnam were in 2013, initially only a few shooting fish machines at the main entertainment spots in the city, then gradually spread to all provinces and cities nationwide, becoming a new entertainment trend.

Introduction and Detailed Evaluation of Fishing Game Types

As mentioned above, shooting fish is a game played with shooting fish machines located at entertainment venues. Later, thanks to the huge attraction, the game became more popular and developed into two versions: online and offline. The gameplay of shooting fish in both versions is generally similar; participants will use a gun to try to shoot as many fish as possible.

Offline Fishing

Offline shooting fish allows players to play without an internet connection. With this type, players do not need to download or play on a computer but can play directly at a location such as a shopping center or amusement park.

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Prominent Advantages of Offline Fishing Game

With offline play, shooting fish brings many interesting advantages such as:

  • No internet connection required: Can participate without worrying about interruptions due to slow or unstable internet connections.
  • Stable gaming experience: Due to not depending on the internet, offline shooting fish games usually do not experience lag or stutter during play.
  • Safer: Because there is no internet connection, offline shooting fish games are less threatened by hackers or imposters, providing safety for players.
  • No limitations: Without an internet connection, offline shooting fish games are not affected by connection speed or bandwidth, helping players have the best experience.
Prominent Advantages of Offline Fishing Game
Prominent Advantages of Offline Fishing Game

Disadvantages of Offline Games

Some limitations of offline shooting fish games that players need to know include:

  • Unable to connect with friends: Offline shooting fish does not support playing with friends, so the gaming experience may be less enjoyable than online shooting fish.
  • Lack of updates: Not updated frequently like online versions, leading to players not being able to access the latest content.
  • Lack of interactive features: Lack of interactive features, does not allow players to connect or play with other players.

Online Fishing

Online shooting fish games have similar gameplay to offline versions but are much more attractive due to the ability to interact with other players. Nowadays, millions of people participate in shooting fish games every day, which is extremely convincing evidence of the game’s appeal.

Online Fishing
Online Fishing

Prominent Advantages of Online Fishing

When coming to online shooting fish games, players will have the opportunity to experience many impressive advantages such as:

  • Diverse and abundant: Providing many types of fish and different bet levels, allowing players to choose according to their preferences and abilities.
  • Fun and stimulating: Highly entertaining, attracting players with new and exciting experiences. Defeating bosses and sea monsters brings excitement and challenge, adding more appeal to the game.
  • Easy to play: No special experience or knowledge required, anyone can participate in online shooting fish.
  • Convenient: Players can participate in online shooting fish games anytime and anywhere without having to go to traditional casinos.
  • Profitable: Can bring high income to players thanks to large bonus amounts when defeating difficult bosses.

Disadvantages of Online Fishing Game

In addition to the advantages mentioned above, online shooting fish games also have some disadvantages such as:

  • Addictive: Players can easily lose control and spend too much money on buying items and hunting large bosses.
  • Costly: If not played carefully, online shooting fish games can become expensive. Bet levels can increase rapidly, so players need to be extremely cautious and know when to stop.


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